1) What is Waterless Car Wash (WCW) ?
  WCW is a polymer liquid that is sprayed on the surface of your car to soften dirt and emulsifies surface grime and sand. What this means is, the dirt actually floats in the air temporarily. Two microfiber cloths are used in the process. The 1st microfiber towel lifts the dirt off the surface of your car and removes it. The 2nd microfiber cloth is used to buff the paint to a perfect shine.

2) Will the wiping scratch my car ?
No. WCW products contain organic “soaps” made from derived surfactants, which will cause dirt, sand and grime to float above the surface of your car.  WCW also uses microfiber cloths which attracts the floating dirt, hence, when the wiping occurs, there is no contact between the hardened dirt against the surface of the car.

The use of the polymer spray and microfiber technology has been used in the car washing industry for over a decade and guarantees that cars are not scratched in the cleaning process.

3) How can you wash cars without water?
WCW uses polymer sprays; a fully imported technology from USA. The polymer will emulsify the dirt. This means lifting the dirt and suspend it temporarily in the air, which will be removed with a microfiber cloth.

4) How is this product, a GREEN product?
Our products are green because they are biodegradable and do not use petroleum based products. Hence, pollution does not occur.

5) Is it really waterless if your polymer is in liquid form?
WCW means that cleaning your car is void of running water from water hoses and water buckets. The polymer used is designed to lift up the dirt from the surface of the car, while the microfiber cloth will attract the dirt and remove it off the surface of the car.

6) Do you clean only the car body, what about the windows, tires, car rims, rubber accessories?
Yes, WCW means cleaning the whole exterior of the car, including windows, windscreens, tires, rims and rubber trimming. The whole car is cleaned and waxed.

8) How long will it take to wash my car?
It normally takes 40 to 60 minutes per cleaning service.

9) What makes a WCW Special?
We go to our clients. We clean cars on site, wherever it is parked and whenever we are needed.